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The Owl spreads its wings once again, this time touching down in beautiful India, and we’re beyond excited to bring the EDC experience to an entire new country of Headliners. To get you pumped for our arrival, we put together a mix of some of our favorite videos from EDCs around the world to give you a little taste of what’s to come this November.

If there’s one word that sums up EDC in its purest form, it’s “imagination.” From the interactive art installations to the enormous scenic stages, every last detail is fine-tuned to elicit maximum amazement. This is so much more than a music festival — it’s an experience. This video shows you why:

Who’s the star of EDC? You, of course! That’s why we call our fans “Headliners.” The EDC community is one of the most passionate and creative groups you’ll find anywhere on the planet. All people, all shapes, all sizes, all cultures and beliefs — all are welcome at EDC.

The kineticFIELD stage is the heart and soul of the EDC experience, and it’s the place where we get to display our most majestic productions. Say hello to the kineticCATHEDRAL, and get a firsthand look at what some have called the most incredible stage ever built:

Art is a vital part of the EDC experience, and we’re talking more than just a few sculptures or painted walls. Air, water, fire and all manner of kinetic energy are harnessed in the interactive art installations that blanket the EDC landscape. Take a 360-degree tour of one of our favorite installations in this video:

Last but not least, we want to bring on the feels with this epic video set to one of the biggest dance music anthems ever written:

Got your pulse racing? We thought so. Don’t worry, only a few weeks remain until the Carnival opens its gates in Delhi NCR. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, click here and snag some early-bird passes while they’re still available!

We can’t wait to bring music, community, culture and an entire world of imagination to you, India! See you soon!

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