With the inaugural EDC India going down in November, Insomniac is excited to induct a new population of party people into its family of festivalgoers. If you’re new to the world of Electric Daisy Carnival, you might find our EDC 101 course to be super helpful. In it, we cover a few of the FUNdamental terms that might come up in conversation during your life-affirming experience.


WhatisEDC_Headliner_1000x667This is you. While most promoters typically reserve this title for the top-billed acts on a lineup, Insomniac has rightfully designated it to the attendees. In our mind, you are the most crucial component of a fun night out, so there’s really no comparison there. Without you, all of the other stuff (yes, including the music) would be utterly meaningless. You are the life and soul of the festival; don’t let anyone ever fool you into thinking otherwise.


Peace, Love, Unity and Respect are the four pillars put in place by our culture’s founding fathers. It’s a mantra meant to guide every action and interaction within our community. Essentially, PLUR is the driving force behind every random act of kindness and good deed carried out by the kindred spirits spreading the ideology. The practice of PLUR has culminated into a culture built on togetherness, compassion, acceptance, empathy, and unquestioned inclusion. They are truly words to live by, both on and off the dancefloor.

Funkdafied Freaks

Our costumed performers are known to go above and beyond the call of duty. Creating an immersive world full of whimsy and color, the many troupes can be found frolicking around EDC, including stilt-walkers, dancers, daring aerialists, circus acts, and cheeky characters. Bumping into them has always proved to be a moment of pure delight, allowing Headliners to reach a level of playtime they never thought possible.

The Many Stages of EDC

WhatisEDC_Stages_1000x665-NEWThe full spectrum of sound comes to life under the grandeur of kineticFIELD, our most massive scenic stage. Virtually every genre has put Headliners in motion and will continue to do so moving forward. At cosmicMEADOW, graze through a wide-reaching combination of dance music flavors without any filler. circuitGROUNDS will have you reveling in a diverse spread of styles and movements, while still bringing next-level production and boundary-challenging programming. Discerning heads are treated to the fruits of house, techno and the deeper shades of dance at neonGARDEN, while bassheads can tap into an endless supply of trap, dubstep, and drum & bass at bassPOD, the home of our Bassrush brand. Last but certainly not least, wasteLAND unites hardstyle, gabber, rawstyle, and hardcore fans under the banner of hard dance.

Art Installations

WhatisEDC_ArtInstallations_1000x666Meant to stimulate and inspire, interactive art pieces are scattered throughout the premises. It’s a playground for grownups, where swings and monkey bars are replaced by jaw-dropping structures and interactive art pieces. The floor is opened up to artists around the world, showcasing installations and environments that’ll shock the senses as much as they feed the creative energy flowing all around you.


WhatisEDC_Rides_1000x667-NEWEmbrace your inner thrill-seeker by bouncing from attraction to attraction without having to worry about deflating your pockets. No extra fare is needed to hop on any of the rides, allowing you to live out your dream of a ticketless carnival-riding spree. Insider tip: The view from the top of the Ferris wheel is going to get you a lot of double taps on the Gram.

Ground Control

WhatisEDC_GroundControl_1000x668The protectors of the party, these selfless souls want nothing more than to look out for the well-being of our Headliners. Dressed in bright purple tees and equipped with fanny packs and light sabers, these do-gooders roam around the festival grounds to ensure everyone is happy, healthy and hydrated. That’s their mantra, after all, and they legitimately get a kick out of helping everyone who crosses their path. Ground Controllers are our knights in neon-lit armor, so make sure to show them some love when you spot them in the field.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team