Dreamstate 101

By October 11, 2016 All

For the Headliners who plan on joining us for the inaugural EDC India in November, it may also be your big introduction to Dreamstate, our all-trance brand that has grown into a global phenomenon over the course of the last year. If so, here’s a primer on the many things you’ll want to know before we have liftoff next month.

The Dreamstate Ethos

Dreamstate101_GoodVibes2The DS logo you see on many a flyer is symbolic of the movement that has brought together thousands of trance-loving Headliners around the world, and it’s the centerpiece of every Dreamstate stage. With it comes futuristic, utopian imagery that symbolizes a dreamlike environment making its way around the world one stop at a time. As you make your way to the stage after passing through the gates, make sure to keep that vision front-of-mind to best understand the ethos of the experience.

Mesmerizing Production

Dreamstate101_ProductionAs you may have seen from our latest Dreamstate destination in Australia, the entrancing production elements focus on live visual aspects that are meant to mesmerize all in attendance. Be it an array of lasers, synchronized lights, or futuristic imagery in constant motion on the LED screens in front of you, you are more than clear to fly through the clouds in the otherworldly reality created by Dreamstate.

The Journey of Trance Music

Dreamstate101_JourneyIt’s time to break down the music. In most cases, you’re going to hear an ethereal progression meant to take your mind and body on an adventure. First, a groove section is there to keep the dancefloor in steady movement. That’s followed by a lush breakdown that serves to envelop the crowd in a zone-out-inducing instrumental or a vocal hook to bring everyone closer together. Finally, the buildup comes to bridge you back to the epic crescendo that makes everyone dance their emotion-seeking hearts out. It’s a wild ride offered only by the power of trance.

Trance Family

Dreamstate101_TranceFamilyNo matter where you live, one term unites you with the crowd attending these close-knit events: the Trance Family. Those in this ever-growing collective of fans are unlike any other community of music enthusiasts in the world. They are known to sing the lyrics of songs in unison with every inch of their being. Do not be afraid to join a complete stranger when it happens, because you may open the door to a lifelong friendship. 

Good Vibes for Everyone

Dreamstate101_GoodVibesThe vibes that you are bound to experience at the Dreamstate stage are likely to be the most arresting you will experience at EDC—whether your finest moment is shuffling along to the tunes, holding hands with an entire circle of Headliners, or witnessing a DJ you love being introduced with a whirlwind flourish. Whatever your taste in music, be sure to give this spot a stop to fully understand what our globetrotting trance destination has to offer.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team